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By Camila Villafañe

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Random Facts That Will Make For Great Small Talk.

There are tons of facts out there, which most people never give a second thought about. But it doesn’t hurt to learn a few things. Who knows? It might even help you win “Jeopardy” when you’re playing at home, or when you’re enjoying a game of Trivial Pursuit with your family. Remember, the world is constantly changing, and it turns out that a lot of the things we thought we knew, were wrong. Plus, there are people, places, and events around the globe that are absolutely amazing. Surely, one of these interesting facts will get rid of your boredom and expand your mind.

#1. If you ever get bit by a Boomslang snake, stuff is going to be coming out of every orifice of your body.

The venom attacks red blood cells, which acts as an anti-coagulant, and leads to the degeneration of organs and tissue. If you have an unfortunate encounter with one of these snakes, you’ll bleed out of your gums and other holes in your body. Fortunately, there’s an anti-venom available.

#2. Uranus was originally named Georgium Sidus by English astronomer William Herschel when he discovered the planet in 1781.

Uranus may be an ice giant, but you’d be surprised to learn that it went by the name George nearly 70 years after it was initially discovered. But if they hadn’t changed it to Uranus, science class wouldn’t have been as much fun when we were in school.

#3. T-shirts might make guys look stylish, but they were originally marketed for a specific type of man.

In 1904, the Cooper Underwear Company marketed T-shirts to single men without sewing skills calling them "bachelor undershirts" using the slogan, “No safety pins — no buttons — no needle — no thread."

T-shirts might make guys look stylish, but they were originally marketed for a specific type of man.

Jamakassi / Unsplash

#4. To avoid society’s restrictions, a group of Albanian women live as men in mountain villages.

They’re known as Burnesha or Balkan sworn virgins, and they wear men’s clothes, adopt masculine mannerisms, and cut their hair. They even change their names and swear an oath of celibacy in order to avoid being separated from their family members, or being locked into an arranged marriage.

#5. German chocolate cake wasn’t invented in Germany, but rather in the state of Texas.

English-American chocolate maker, Samuel German, came up with dark baking chocolate, an ingredient used in the cake. But the cake was made by Mrs. George Clay, a homemaker in Dallas Texas. Her recipe popped up in The Dallas Morning News, in 1957, as German’s Chocolate Cake.

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