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They Thought Their Corgi Wouldn’t Get Along With Baby… WRONG.

As herding maestros and fox doppelgängers with Dumbo ears and stubby legs, corgis are one of the most adored breeds of dogs in the world. Queen Elizabeth II owned more than 30 during her reign! Beyond just looks, these dogs are also prized for their intelligence. However, when it comes to newborn (human) babies, we never know how our pets will react, especially when someone takes their place as the center of attention. Even the most well-behaved canines can turn at any moment, so we can understand when Reddit user banpeiSF worried about whether or not the family corgi would get along with their newborn daughter. Fortunately, the two got on like a house on fire.

Take a look at the now inseparable duo. Can they get any cuter? Paw-bably not.

Wilbur's owners worried about whether or not he'd get along with the family's newest addition.

As you can see, he is is smitten with their baby girl.

He's even begun to sleep in her room...

...and he's right there the moment she wakes up.

The baby uses a biliblanket to treat her mild jaundice, or yellow discoloration of the skin and eyes. Wilbur remains close.

"Just making sure you're okay."

But then there are days when he gets a little bit too close. A little to the left now, Wilbur.

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Source: reddit