Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

Corset Braids Are The Latest (Medieval) Hair Trend Taking Over Instagram.

Hair trends can be pretty unpredictable. We've seen ombré hair, sunset hair, unicorn hair and granny hair in the recent years. You'll never know what will become the new trend.

This new latest trend is one of the simplest ones yet. Many girls and women all over the world have taken a liking to the corset braid. This braid is a technique that uses ribbons to interlace through pigtails and plaits.

The braid has been adopted both on and off the runway. Models have been seen rocking this hair look most recently at Vancouver Fashion Week.

When it was seen on the runway at Vancouver Fashion Week, the models were sporting pale blue and green ribbons.

People on social media have put their own unique take on it, incorporating different colored ribbons in various types of braids.

This model added a beautiful crystal to thin ribbon.

It's an uncomplicated addition to the hair, yet it adds a cute and playful twist to any traditional hairstyle.

This latest hair trend might be the simplest one we've seen so far.

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