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By Huong Ngo

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Dog Makes A Miracle Recovery, Only To Discover She’s Totally Unloved.

Janina Schan felt immediate sympathy and pain for poor Lila, the moment she lifted her into her arms. The dog felt so dangerously light that she knew she had to rush the dog to the veterinary clinic.

Lila had been stranded in a yard for several days when Schan found her. The poor dog had been tied up with her food and water out of reach. She told Anette Targowski, a fellow rescuer, that it was "the worst case of cruelty she had ever seen." Thankfully she got Lila to help as soon as she could.

"Lila was very close to death," Targowski told the Dodo. "She could not stand. She was very weak. And on top of that, she had horrible mange. She was just skin and bones."

But Lila was too tough-hearted to let any of the cruelty she went through affect her. Her heart was stronger than ever and became stronger each day while she was under the care of rescuers.

Now over a year later, Lila has fully recovered. However, becoming healthy is only half the journey — the other half is finding a forever home. Unfortunately, Lila has been bounced from foster home to foster home as they are crowded.

"Dogs like Lila have a very hard time being adopted because they're not purebred," explained Targowski. "If you have a nice Doberman or German shepherd, you're going to adopt him in no time. People in Costa Rica want large dogs. They want pure dogs. And dogs like Lila don't stand a chance."

Because of this, Targowski has been looking for a home for Lila outside of Costa Rica and has been sharing Lila's story on social media. Thankfully, several applications from Canadian families have been rolling in! They're still in the process of interviewing but Lila's future looks very bright from here.

For anyone who is interested in adopting her, please email [email protected]

Source: The Dodo