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This Secluded Little Cottage Has A Magical Secret.

People today are more aware than ever of everything the world has to offer thanks to the internet. Long before the internet, travel agencies had a big role in helping people get away from their everyday lives. But now it's much easier for people to make their own plans. Some people go for relaxing, laid back vacations, while others look for exciting heart-stopping adventures. If you're looking for the latter then this post is for you.

There's a place in Harrismith, South Africa, that offers a unique experience for their guests.

People from all over the world come to visit this quaint little cottage. The cottage rental lists for only £84 ($108 USD), a great price for a 3 bedroom. But it's not the price that attracts tourists.

Looks like a comfortable place to stay, right?

The cottage offers guests all of the comforts of home: a full kitchen, a cozy fireplace, double beds in every room, and WiFi. But still, that's not the reason people travel thousands of miles to this cottage in Harrismith, South Africa.

The real reason tourists visit this little cottage in South Africa is because of what surrounds it.

It's called the Lion House and it's located on GG Conservation, which is the home to over 70 lions including 3 lion kings! Can you imagine relaxing in the screened patio while watching lions roam?

This is definitely not the normal check-in at an AirBnB.

Visitors are greeted by lions upon arrival. Guests are escorted in and out of the property by car because they have to drive through a lion camp with double security gates.

The cottage is literally surrounded by 360 degrees of lions!

Don't worry! Visitors are perfectly safe because of an electric fence that encompasses the cottage. The Lion House's host and conservation director, Suzanne Scott, says "We also have electric fencing on the inside and top of all the camps. This is a necessary precaution to take for the lions' safety, as lions can kill each other through fences if they wanted to."

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