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By Krista Miranda

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Texas Woman’s Extreme Coupon Clipping Skills Provides Thousands Of Goods For Hurricane Victims.

When a state of emergency occurs, it's our jobs as humans to come together and help each other out. Due to Hurricane Harvey making a disaster zone out of Texas, the humanity in people has been shining through. Numerous volunteers have been seen pulling people out of flooded homes. Animals that have been left behind have found new, loving families. The amount of people that have come together has been truly inspiring. If we can take anything from this experience, it's that anyone can make a difference, no matter how big or how small. Kimberly Gager, of San Antonio, has taken her own hobby and helped out the people of Texas in such an important way.

Kimberly is what you would call a self-proclaimed coupon addict.

While she's been using her addiction to help her own family, she thought it was time to change things up a bit. She knew she could help out others, too!

She decided to use her talent for couponing for the greater good.

Kimberly kept seeing posts on Facebook from people looking for diapers, formula and wipes. She knew that she could do her part to get these supplies to help others.

Other people noticed what Kimberly was doing and wanted to help, as well.

So, they started giving donations to this Queen of Couponing. Kimberly let people know that as long as donations continued to come in, she would keep shopping.

Kimberly says she's helped almost 30 different groups and families.

Not only that, she's made personal trips to help those that have been displaced into hotels by the storm. What an unbelievable woman!

Bridget Martinez and her family are just a few of the people Kimberly's loving gesture has helped.

Bridget's family lost their home to the storm, and FEMA denied them housing/rental costs. Bridget said she wrote to Kimberly on Facebook and immediately got an answer back.

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