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Texas Woman’s Extreme Coupon Clipping Skills Provides Thousands Of Goods For Hurricane Victims.

Two hours after Bridget sent the message, Kimberly was there to help her family.

Bridget couldn't express how grateful she was to receive the supplies that they just couldn't afford at the time. "I hope God blesses her in every way possible. This is awesome," Bridget said about Kimberly.

Kimberly's inspiration stems from a heartbreaking past.

She survived Hurricane Floyd in 1999, while living in Newport News, Virginia. Although she was physically okay, she lost her entire home.

When she saw what was happening to others, she knew the feeling of loss that they were experiencing.

“I was looking at all the stories and pictures of houses and everything under water in Harvey and knew I had to do something," said Kimberly. She definitely did get some things done.

Kimberly's friends say this behavior isn't out of the ordinary for her.

Carolyn Wellons, Kimberly's very close friend, says that it's just a part of her nature. “I keep telling her it’s her calling and she doesn’t realize it yet. You don’t even have to ask. If she hears it or feels it, it’s done," explained Carolyn.

Kimberly doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon.

At least not until she knows everyone is okay. You're an everyday hero, Kimberly, thanks for being such a kind human!

Source: ABC News

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