Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

30 Of The Coziest Places On Planet Earth.

When you think of the word cozy, you imagine all of the necessary elements for comfortable accommodations you and your family expect. Now everyone wants to live in a sweet cozy home, or at least, stay in one for a few days. But remember that bundling up in a luxurious cover with a cup of tea and enjoying a good book is just one way to be cozy. You might prefer something small, or something big, or something more outdoorsy and cavernous. For some people, cozy can mean a lot of different things, so here are some examples of what cozy can look like for you.

#1. Screened in porch on a rainy day or a warm summer's day is just heavenly.

It really is an amazing place to spend the afternoon. It's like camping, but with all the comforts of a living room. Plus, you get to enjoy some fresh air, watch the rain, and listen to the crickets.

#2. A cozy bedroom is one thing. Having one with a skylight is just awesome!

You can stargaze at night, which is so cool, and be welcomed by the sun first thing in the morning. But if you're not a morning person, you can always buy some blinds or pull down curtains.

#3. Work from home in this indoor/outdoor shed where you can shut out the world.

We imagine we could get plenty of work done in a place like this. Then again, we'd probably get so distracted by the beauty surrounding us. But it sure beats having to work inside a stuffy office in cubicles with a bunch of other people.

#4. How about sleeping in a cave house in Turkey that'll make you say Yaba Daba Doo?

Don't worry about night crawlers and bats making it hard to sleep in a cavern like this one. There are doors and windows to keep those out.

#5. Welcome the morning from the comfort of your own living room... in Miami.

Admittedly, one of the most beautiful cities in the Sunshine State. You not only get the beautiful city skyline, but the beautiful sky reflected in the clear water. Sounds like paradise to us.

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