Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

30 Of The Coziest Places On Planet Earth.

#6. Think of this see-through bedroom as your very own corporate Mount Olympus.

Not only can you sleep, but you can check out the fantastic view of the city from high above. But hopefully you're not afraid of heights.

#7. If you're going to live in San Francisco, you might as well lay cozy in it as well.

It's amazing how a few square feet around the bay window can turn into such an awesome reading nook, or a place to sleep, that is, if you don't mind having your bed facing the sun on three sides.

#8. How about two outdoor bathtubs on a patio in New Zealand? Don't forget the champagne.

It's like a dream come true. Now this is what we'd love to come home to after a rough day at work. There's plenty of fresh air in this outdoorsy New Zealand home. But you're also treated to the smell of the burning fire in the outdoor fireplace, which is sublime! Now the only thing missing here is a masseuse or a facial.

#9. If you need some peace and quiet to revise your novel, then this is the perfect spot.

It's nice and cozy, and it was easily converted from a hallway. The owner of the home only did this as a temporary measure until they could finish their revision, but you have to admit, it's simplistic but perfect.

#10. Enjoy a white snowy winter's day without dealing with the cold.

There's nothing more beautiful than looking out the window and seeing everything covered in snow, and it sure beats the heat and humidity of other places like the Deep South or the Sunshine State.

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