By Nick

LifeBuzz Staff

33 Designers Who Had One Job, And Failed Spectacularly.

When businesses come up with company slogans or new merchandise, there are always plenty of designs or ideas to sift through. In most cases a good decision is made and sometimes they stick with the public and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes though, things don’t go so well.

Today you will see plenty of occasions where that happened. Failures in designs or just the entire thought process will surely have you laughing out loud. Some of them will stick out instantly and you’ll be forced to wonder how nobody noticed it before making it public! Others will take a minute to sink in but you’ll find yourself still thinking the same thing!

#1. Do you know where your cat is?

There has long been rumors that any type of Asian food contains cat. This restaurant didn't really go to any extremes to prove it untrue.

#2. The "emergency" exit.

In dire times of need an emergency exit can mean the difference between life and death. That's not so much the case here.

#3. You might not want to be authorized here.

One has to wonder what human progress testing has to do with space but that's not the real issue here. Maybe it's a test, if you can read it, and notice everything that's wrong, you qualify for the program.

#4. Spidey has a new car.

The combination of Spider Man and the star from the Cars movie is an odd super hero combination. Maybe they fight crime at 60mph? The design though is primitive to say the least. Obviously it wasn't a big seller.

#5. Misleading.

Every company has to have a logo but it should be thought out better than this one. It looks more like an "A" than a shirt with an "I" in it. It's probably a business you'd want to pass by.

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