By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

The Strange Contents Of This Old Box Has Everyone Talking About Aliens.

Foraging through your neighborhood on trash day can produce plenty of hidden gems, but this one might be the most unusual -- and somewhat disturbing -- one we've seen yet.

Posted on reddit by a friend of the procurer, this curbside box was filled with insane illustrations, created by a seemingly talented, troubled person back in the sixties. The meaning of the illustrations is pretty mysterious, but they're compelling to look at and speculate on nonetheless.

To see more of this story, and to attempt to find some insight into the mysterious artist's mind, check out the images below.

This is the box found by the side of the road. It's 29x38 inches, and it's pretty damaged. According to the uploader, it smells like it's been in a basement for years.

The drawings and scrolls inside are pretty huge, too.

The first page is a bit of text. If you take the time to read this, you realize that it's pretty confusing.

It's followed by this, which appears to be an intricate patent application from decades ago.

Also included is a map of airline routes, going all over the world.

There are also a series of smaller maps, drawn on clear plastic.

Each of the maps has a hole in the middle, as if they were meant to be stacked or laid over something.

The maps were followed by an indecipherable letter.

Additionally, a letter, which appears to be in Danish.

This card is a solid clue to the identity of the box's original owner: Perhaps he was a veteran from World War II.

At this point in the illustrations, things start to get a little bit weird. This was drawn in 1977, after the artist allegedly saw this in Tampa, Florida.

Here, he continued to sketch out the event -- now things are definitely getting creepy.

Here's his rendering of one of the creatures he "saw."

The image is actually biblical, "living creatures" described in Ezekial 10. According to biblical history, these creatures were thought to be aliens that lived on earth.

Also included were these series of geometric patterns, not unlike those legendary crop circles created by what some believe are aliens.

Here, all of his previous illustrations seem to come together to form some kind of inexplicable scene.

These are some of the close-ups.

There was no patent information found in relation to these images, and no real explanation.

So what do you think? Is this the product of a UFO truther's imagination, a rendering of a machine that was never built, or simply some insight into the mind of someone who may have been losing his grip on reality? We'll probably never get an answer, but it sure is fun to speculate.

Source: reddit