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Koala Broke Into Her Home And Did A Hilariously Clumsy Strip Tease.

A pole dancing koala sounds like a dream, but for Nikki Erickson of South East Queensland, Australia, it was a reality.

Erickson used her Facebook to share photos and a video of a koala in her home, trying to climb up a pole. This was last year, but news of the talented koala is only now making its rounds on the Internet. That's because the footage was originally set to private. According to The Huffington Post, a fellow pole performer had requested Erickson change her settings so that more people could see it.

The koala, who Erickson named Larissa, had snuck into her home. She soon informed the Daisy Hill Conservation Park, and rescuers came to retrieve the marsupial. They evaluated her condition — she turned out to be doing well — before releasing her back into the wild.

Do koalas end up in Australian homes often? They have been appearing in homes more than usual, and it's sparking discussions about conservation problems and disconnects with their habitats. Hopefully, experts and the community can think of solutions to troubleshoot the problem.

Meet Larissa, the pole dancing koala.

Last year, Larissa snuck into the home of Nikki Erickson in South East Queensland, Australia, and what did she do? That's right. She worked the pole.

Meet Larissa, the pole dancing koala.

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The koala was released back into the wild soon after, but Erickson was able to capture this clip before they parted. Now, we're sitting here wondering who is the better pole performer, Nikki or Larissa?

Have you ever heard a koala having a tantrum?

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