By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Don't Do These Very Weird Things Which Are Against The Law... Or You'll Be In Trouble.

It's no surprise there are some really weird laws in existence. For example, in California, it's illegal to have a bicycle in a swimming pool... and in Singapore it's illegal to chew gum since 1992.

Here are some of the weirdest laws in existence. Better watch your back!

#1. Germany

If you plan on having a pillow fight in Germany, be warned. You may be charged with assault if you hit too hard.

#2. North Korea

You cannot wear black jeans as they are linked to the United States. If you are going to wear denim, you have to go blue.

#3. Great Britain

Only the Queen of England can eat the mute swan. If you are caught eating one, you may be fined £5,000 or face six months in prison.

#4. Argentina

Disc jockeys have to play the same number of tango songs as any other genre played.

#5. Argentina

Featherbeds are illegal. It is believed the bed may encourages lustful feelings.

#6. Italy

Eating and drinking is not allowed on prehistoric sites.

#7. Great Britain

The Prohibition and Inspections Act of 1998 forbids causing a nuclear explosion.

#8. Iran

This is not the place for the metrosexual man. A law was passed in 2010 prohibiting men from donning spiky hair or wearing ponytails.

#9. Italy

Despite all the photos of tourists feeding pigeons, it is actually against the law.

#10. Canada

Canada's Currency Act of 1985 limits the number of coins you can use per transaction. The maximum for nickels is $5.00 while the looney ($1.00) the maximum is $25.00.

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