By Nick

LifeBuzz Staff

When I Saw These Plans For An Underground Park In NYC, I Thought Of District 13 In Mockingjay.

Have you ever imagined that a park full of vibrant trees, people, and sunlight could exist... underground? Well, that's exactly what New York City is currently developing with The LowLine team. They're using fiber optic technology to direct sunlight. The result is really, really cool!

An abandoned trolley station will be transformed into an underground park.

The site was opened in 1908 for trolley passengers, but has been unused since 1948 when trolley service was discontinued.

It'll be the first of its kind.

New York City will be the first to have an underground park like this. If you want to visit, it'll be in Manhattan under the eastbound roadway of Delancey Street on the Lower East Side.

Sunlight directing technology will bring the park to life.

The park will be about 3 blocks long and the ceiling will be about 20 feet high. What you see in this picture are the "distributor dishes" that will send light into the underground space. They essentially receive the light from above and distribute it below.

Special distributor dishes will spread light into the underground space.

This is what the distributor dishes look like once they've been installed. They're also called "remote reflectors."

The light will be 'laser beamed' into the underground distributor dishes by other dishes above ground.

The remote skylight system has two levels. The level above ground has a special dish called a 'parabolic collector'. It will focus the sun light into a kind of light beam and point it directly into the underground distributor dish.

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