By Nick

LifeBuzz Staff

When I Saw These Plans For An Underground Park In NYC, I Thought Of District 13 In Mockingjay.

Underground plant life will thrive with the technology used.

See how beautifully the system works? It'll allow photosynthesis to happen, promoting underground life with real sunlight.

Light will be generated from the sun as well as from artificial sources.

The sunlight 'laser beam' dishes will be placed in many special locations above ground to direct the most possible sunlight. Of course, on cloudy days and at night, they'll use a form of artificial sunlight to keep the park lit.

The underground park won't rely on electricity.

As long as there is sunlight electricity won't be needed to keep the park lit.

Many people in New York City are behind the project.

The Manhattan Community Board 3, along with many politicians are supporting the project. This also includes the Lower East Side Business Improvement District.

The prototype that Team Lowline created was a huge success.

The Lowline team needed to build a prototype to prove their idea would work. In September 2012, they used an abandoned warehouse to showcase the concept. Thousands of people visited and the media was all over the story.

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