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39 Not-So-Subtle Ways To Announce Your Engagement… The Last One Is Hilarious.

As we've mentioned before, December is one of the most popular times of the year to get engaged. So, it may come as no surprise to find a slew of engagement announcements flooding your news feed as we enter the new year.

As each couple is markedly different, it's fun to look at the ways in which they choose to share their big news. For some, a Facebook status change or a few private phone calls will suffice. Others take more of a creative turn and enlist the help of a professional photographer or put their DIY skills to use.

No matter which route they decide to take, we're not here to judge. We're happy for them all. According to The Knot, the average engagement lasts about 14 months. Between now and then, there's a lot of work to do. So, if you know any newly engaged couples, make sure to send them your best wishes!

For those of you who have yet to make the announcement, here's a few ideas:

Draw inspiration from your favorite films and TV shows.

Be sassy about it.

Be fabulous.

SHE SAID YES!!!💍 #engaged

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Spiked hot chocolate and movies #15daystillIdo #engaged #engagementring #theknot #theyonkeryears #theknotrings

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So....this just happened!!! #engaged @scoopscarter

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(But maybe not this fabulous...)

Get crafty.

Our engaged backdrop decoration 🌻 #backdrop #photobooth #eventdecoration #engaged

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Best New Year's Ever! #enaged #newyears #beachproposal #luckygirl #blessed #always&forever #inlove

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Welcome to our new instagram page! I can't wait to show you some photographs! #chicagowedding #christinewallerphotography #cwp #olivepark #engaged #chicago

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Sign up for a photo shoot in a style that suits you both.

Share your news live from the Happiest Place on Earth.

Post a photo of the magical moment.

It's Proposal of the Week time! 🎉 Submit yours at theknot.com/proposal (link in bio) for a chance to be featured! "I'm a cheerleader for the Oakland #Raiders. This is my 5th season on the squad and John HATES going to my games because he’s a #Colts fan. I finally got to the point where I don’t even ask him to come anymore since I know he’d rather watch the football games on TV. He has been very supportive of me and my passion for cheerleading over the years, but he was very excited when I decided that this would be my last year on the field so I could spend more time with him! For our first season home game against the Baltimore #Ravens, my parents scheduled to fly in from Hawaii to see me perform. I was really excited because the game was sold out – there were 54,000 people expected to be there! We walk out to center field and the music comes on… It’s showtime! The performance goes off perfectly without a hitch. Then we hit our final ending pose and wait for our cue to run off the field. We are standing there for a while, waiting, and I look to one of our coaches who has a big smile on her face and is looking straight at me… then time started moving in slow motion. Bruno Mars’ “I Think I Wanna Marry You” starts playing. I feel a tap on my shoulder. I look to my left. John comes up behind me with a mischievous look on his face. “Is this a dream?” I think to myself, “Why are you on the field? That’s a really nice velvet jacket!” John gets down on one knee and it hits me. “HE’S PROPOSING TO ME THE BEST WAY I COULD HAVE EVER IMAGINED!!!” I couldn’t believe it. John is more of a quiet, private person so I never would have thought that he would ask me on the field during a game. I was so surprised that instead of saying yes, I kept saying, “THANK YOU” over and over. He finally said, “So, is that a yes?” I nodded and gave him a big hug!" 💍🏈 #theknotproposals

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Share a heartwarming story.

Share the excitement with another recently engaged friend.

Just being engaged divas 😍😝 #forgettheboys #engaged

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Channel your inner Drake...

Include the pets.

Use a prop.


A photo posted by Tanne 💋 (@mrs.mccullough18) on

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Include a picture of the scenery.

As happy as pig in mud 💍 #engaged #fiance #engagementring #victoriafalls @scoetzee77

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So blessed I get to marry my best friend💍❤️ #Engaged #PowerCouple #RoseGold

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Yes. 💍

A photo posted by Olivia Patane (@oliviapatane_) on

She said YES!!! I get to spend the rest of my life with the woman of my dreams!!! #meetdcnelson #engaged

A photo posted by Donta Nelson (@dontanelson) on

Just so dang happy I said yes. 🚁🗻 #engaged #mountains #winterwonderland

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When all else fails, just be real about it.

This ones my one. You have to get a different one. Sucked in. #engayged

A photo posted by Kyran Briton Wheatley (@kyranwheatley) on

What a fun day. Love when my wife throws me up on stage to help. #turbokick #beachbodylive #jazzhands

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