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10 Creepy Things Guys Should STOP Saying To Women… #6 Is The Worst.

Communication is often explained as being 80 per cent non verbal and the remaining 20 as verbal. That’s a lot of eyes, face, and body language that tells others exactly how you are feeling about a situation. Still, there is that 20 per cent that can make or break the chances of someone initiating a romantic relationship.

Even within that small percentage of using words to express how we feel and think, we have to take into consideration the tone and volume of what is being said. How we intonate our words can make us sound arrogant, self-conscious, and even reserved.

Still, words have powers and how you use them can make you seem like a total creep. Here are the 10 things guys say that will ensure there will not be a second date. We can’t believe #3 is still being used today.

#1. "Is that your natural hair colour?"

This is pretty gross since most men are trying to figure out if that happens to be the same colour of your nether regions.

"Is that your natural hair colour?"

#2. "You'd look prettier if you smile."

Her smile is not there for your enjoyment. If she doesn't want to smile, she is not going to. Get over it.

"You'd look prettier if you smile."

#3. "Hey sweetheart, darling."

Calling her "sweetheart" or "darling," like she belongs in the 1950's is just annoying. Would you like another man to address your mother in the same way? If the answer is no, rest assure no other woman likes it.

"Hey sweetheart, darling."


#4. Whistling

Ok, so that's not a word but it's still insulting. You're not an animal to be summoned by making silly sounds with your mouth.



#5. "I want to father your future children."

You have recently met and you barely know each other. If you think offering to father her children will get her to notice you, you may want to reconsider.

"I want to father your future children."


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