By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

They Slowed Down The Sound Of Crickets… What They Discovered Gave Me Chills.

The sounds of crickets are synonymous with hot, summer nights. Their loud chirping does not match their miniature size. Composer Jim Wilson recorded the sounds of the insects in the evening, one recording is at regular pace while the second, the pitch has been lowered.

Wilson explained, "I discovered that when I slowed down this recording to various levels, this simple familiar sound began to morph into something very mystic and complex." The musician felt that their melodies sound “almost human.”

The male crickets sings to attract females as well as chase away the competition. After mating, the cricket will belt out a successful mating chirping. Although the sounds are a bit terrifying, Wilson named this track “God’s Chorus of Crickets.” The music may become quite useful in a climatic scene for a horror movie. The recording scared me and it's daytime. I may never see crickets the same way again.

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