By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Read The Tweets Sent From Space By The World’s Top Female Astronaut.

Sam Cristoforetti has made a habit out of breaking records. The astronaut is the first Italian woman in space but she also holds the longest single flight by a woman, 199 days and 16 hours; that’s a little less than seven months enjoying a view of the cosmos.

Very much like Canadian astronaut, Chris Hadfield during his space mission, Cristoforetti has shared her space experience and amazing photographs of Earth with her Twitter followers.

Cristoforetti's photos confirm Earth is beautiful. Whether it’s the Alps covered in a blanket of snow, the aurora borealis, or a picture of her country at night, her images do not disappoint. Having since returned from her space mission on June 11, 2015, Cristoforetti can be proud of the fact that she has shared her remarkable view of our planet with the rest of us. And she may have inspired the next generation of space travelers.

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