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By Krista Miranda

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Parents And Students Surprise Crossing Guard With Heartfelt Gift.

Mr. Peoples, thinking he was meeting someone who wanted to sell their car, showed up to the school.

But he was about to receive the surprise of a lifetime! When he pulled up to the school in a borrowed vehicle, Mr. Peoples noticed a small crowd gathered in the parking lot.

The parking lot was crowded with students and parents from Sherwood Forest Elementary.

As they were calling Mr. Peoples their "superhero," he made his way closer to where they were. This was when he received the surprising news.

Not only was he getting a new car, but he was also given all of that money to help get him through his rough patch.

Mr. Peoples couldn't believe what was happening! Overcome with emotion, he began to cry at the generosity that the families were showing him. “It’s good to know that people care," he explained.

As Mr, Peoples started his new car, he smiled from ear to ear.

In a world where people struggle way too often, these families showed how easy it is to help others when people come together. It feels good to show people like Mr. Peoples that their caring and genuine attitude is appreciated.

Source: WXII12 NBC News

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