By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

17 Annoying Crows Who Are (Literally) A Pain In The Butt, The Last One Is Pushing His Luck.

Yesterday, we shared a hilarious video of a crow trolling a dog. As it turns out, crows have a knack for doing just that - and they do it more often than you might think. In fact, lots of birds like to troll other animals in that exact same way. Who knew that birds could be such jerks?

Below are 17 crows and other birds who are doing their best to pull the hell out of their subjects' tails. Frankly, some of these look kind of painful. #17 looks like it got out of hand a little too quickly.

#1. Well, this is awkward.

#2. Just wanted to see what it tastes like.

Just wanted to see what it tastes like.

#3. The big guy is trying to keep his cool.

#4. This might not end well for the bird.

#5. No big deal, just hitching a ride.

#6. This crow is waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

#7. Going in for a tug.

#8. He's trying to be as annoying as possible...

#9. ...but the other bird doesn't seem to mind.

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