Evil Thugs Tried To Drown A Puppy In Glue, But Look At Him Today.

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Dogs are popularly known as ‘Man’s best friend’, probably because they've earned it. But on the other hand, humans are not always known for being good friends to them. Canines are one of the most faithful and fearless companions to humans who believe in giving unconditional love. All they expect from us in return is love, but sometimes we fail to do so. While some adults can come off as rude and unkind, it seems that the face of innocence in the world, aka children, are following the footsteps of their elders. Today, humanity is diminishing with each passing day as the level of brutality continues to increase at a much faster pace.

The cruelest of all instances occurred when a group of children tried to sink a stray dog in a pool of industrial glue for some ‘fun’. Covered in glue, the poor pooch was then dragged through the mud by these children and was left there to die.

At last! The face of cruelty shockingly came to light!

He'Art of Rescue / YouTube

The 4-month-old canine named Pascal was spotted in a horrendous condition near an industrial area in Istanbul by some animal rescuers. When found, the dog’s fur was severely tangled by the chemical adhesive which required many medical baths to remove. His skin was burned and one of his ears had become necrotic due to the lack of blood.

Pascal, the puppy was found in a terrible state by the rescuers.

He'Art of Rescue / YouTube

When Pascal was taken to the vets, they found that he was highly undernourished. He was also suffering from Parvo, a deadly contagious canine virus. His condition was more severe than what it originally appeared to be. Even when the vets arrived to rescue him, Pascal couldn't move.

To make things worse, Pascal was also malnourished and infected on a massive level.

He'Art of Rescue / YouTube

The pooch was treated at the animal hospital called He'Art of Rescue. Nur Rima Yola, the hospital's founder, said, “Pascal was in a miserable state when I first saw him inside that box. He was not moving, he was frozen, very scared and traumatized.”

It was a lucky thing that He'Art of Rescue came to Pascal's aid when they did.

He'Art of Rescue / YouTube

Pascal was quite disturbed, scared and in pain after this inhumane treatment. His reaction was more than understandable given what he had gone through. Rescuers said, “After the glue had been removed, he stood in shock for one day. He was even turning his back to hide when he saw people.”

Pascal was quite traumatized and scared after his brutal ordeal at the hands of those kids.

He'Art of Rescue / YouTube

Due to the presence of strong chemicals in the glue, the poor canine’s skin was extremely damaged. When the cement-like layer was peeled off, his red raw skin was disclosed. He was admitted for two weeks at the clinic and within a month of being rescued, he made an amazing recovery. He had even made friends with another puppy.

The road from a terrifying ordeal to a wonderful recovery was not an easy one.

He'Art of Rescue / Facebook

The poor canine was treated by Dr. Hasan Akin, who established a strong bond with him. According to Akin, “He is doing better, slowly getting used to the staff in the clinic where of course love is being poured towards him.” Akin and Pascal are like best buds now.

The doctor who treated Pascal turned out to be a savior and a friend.

He'Art of Rescue / YouTube

Despite the torture, the lovely pooch has come out of this ordeal a relatively stronger, independent and calmer dog. The credit for imparting such qualities in Pascal must be given to the vets who have been providing care for him around the clock. He is now Parvo-free thanks to the clinic's treatment and is completely healthy.

It wasn't long before Akin and his team saw Pascal transform into a relatively calmer and independent dog.

He'Art of Rescue / YouTube

From the time He’Art of Rescuers started posting videos of Pascal on social media, the pooch has gained a lot of admirers. Now the organization is working towards arranging donations to help cover Pascal’s medical costs. They want to ensure that the canine is in a good shape before he is given up for adoption.

Pascal's struggles to overcome such a traumatic event has been a huge eye-opener to the world.

He'Art of Rescue / YouTube

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