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She’s Been Off Meth For 90 Days, Look What Happened To Her Face.

Last year, a Reddit user posted two photos of his sister to show the difference after just 90 days meth free. In the first photo, she is about 20 pounds thinner and despite her smile, her face appears rather gaunt. The thing that stands out most is the quality of her skin. On meth, you can see bumps all over despite a face full of makeup. Off the drug, her skin is much smoother.

A handful of viewers quickly assumed that the photos were fake, saying that the makeup, lighting, and change in hair color were responsible for the dramatic changes. They also mentioned that his post was an invasion of privacy and that it could probably get her fired if an employer ever came across it.

The woman in the photo actually responded in the thread under the username stardreamer93 to defend her brother. She confirmed her identity and even provided another photo for proof.

The biggest takeaway is that some readers, including current and former meth addicts, were able to draw some inspiration from this.

Continue reading to check out stardreamer93's transformation.

The Use of Methamphetamines

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 1.2 million Americans over age 12 used crystal meth, a stimulant and synthetic (man-made) drug, at least once in 2008.

But why do people take this methamphetamine? According to the site Drug Free World, users take this drug because: 1) the rush, a false sense of euphoria, can last considerably longer than that of some other drugs and 2) the high or shoulder can help the user feel 'aggressively smarter,' which some people rely on to complete any tasks at hand.

Other reasons people take meth is because they believe it will lead to weight loss and an increased libido, or hyper sexuality. It is commonly used as a 'club drug' at parties and raves.

The Use of Methamphetamines

The effects of meth on the body are dangerous. It can deeply affect your career and relationships.

The effects of meth on the body are dangerous. It can deeply affect your career and relationships.

The original photoset we mentioned is captioned: 'Inspired by another Redditor, I present to you my sister. 90 Days Meth Free.'

An addiction to meth is extremely difficult to treat. Many people become addicted after their first time trying it and spend most of their time either using it or finding ways to get their hands on more. This young lady's accomplishment of 90 days clean of meth is no small feat.

To offset the negative comments, the woman in the photo posted this comment to the thread.

Here's the proof that she provided.

Although it is risky to post your photo online, especially in association with drugs, she wanted to be a positive influence to those fighting the same battle.

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