By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

A Tourist Gave Away Free Cameras In Cuba… Unexpectedly One Was Returned.

Recently, the United States and Cuba have restored diplomatic relations and reopened their embassies, after years of cut ties keeping the two countries wholly separate. This doesn't mean open season for American tourists just yet, but it does mean that there's a very real chance that travelers will be able to see a country that's been off limits for years.

But one Redditor was ahead of the curve.

Back in 2009, this person visited Cuba for the first time. Interested by the people and lifestyle he saw there, he decided to hand out disposable cameras to the locals with one request: Send the cameras back to him when they were empty. Luckily, a single camera made its way back to the photographer, and you can see the compelling photos below.

This lucky guy bought undeveloped film from an auction and discovered something incredible.

Source: Reddit