Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

A Heavenly Cat Sanctuary Exists, And The 500 Kittens Would LOVE You To Visit.

Ooh heaven is a place on Earth... well as far as cats are concerned it is and it has a name. It's called the Lanai Cat Sanctuary and it's located in Hawaii, which as of now, is no longer just a paradise for humans. The sanctuary can be found in the tiny island of Lanai and is home to nearly 500 cats who can get shelter, protection and food from the caretakers here. But it's also a cat petting zoo of sorts and you can join the countless number of visitors who have jumped at the opportunity to spend a little time with these adorable felines.

What started out as a way of controlling the feline population on the island turned into something amazing.

Executive director Keoni Vaughn and sanctuary manager, Mike, aka the chief cat herder, came up with the idea of the sanctuary back in 2004.

Although sterilizing the felines was a priority, the sanctuary quickly became a refuge.

Before long, a 25,000 square foot area had been radically transformed into a place that stray cats could finally call home.

Cats can pretty much roam free and do whatever they want inside the sanctuary.

That might even include climbing on top of some of the guests that come to pay them visit.

The Lanai sanctuary means so much more to these cats than simple shelter.

The island of Lanai isn't very big and lacks the resources these cats need that are often found in the mainland. Fortunately, the sanctuary has everything that they need to survive.

Don't expect to see any cages anywhere within the establishment like a conventional shelter.

These little kitties have free reign and can go off and explore the sanctuary or just pile on top of each other for some good old fashioned cuddle time.

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