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By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

2-Legged Puppy Was Saved By Heroes After Being Dumped In Trash.

On February 1st, a man found a dog abandoned in a dumpster outside a building in Toronto, Canada. The poor puppy was about 7 weeks old and born without both of his front legs. He was literally left for dead, tied in a plastic garbage bag. Thankfully the man found him when he did.

The good samaritan immediately rushed the pup to an animal shelter. Unfortunately the shelter wouldn't take him in due to his birth defect. They claimed they had no "preparation" to care for a dog without front legs.

Before he left the premises, however, two of the volunteers from the shelter stopped the man outside. They happily took the puppy from the man to provide a caring home for the night. The volunteers named the pup Cupid due to his heart shaped nose. The Great Pyrenees mix spent the night safely with the volunteers until Joan Znidarec of The Dog Rescuers, Inc. picked him up.

After Joan took Cupid to a veterinarian and got him a clean bill of health, she went on a mission to find a foster family to agree to take him in while his prosthetic legs were being made.

While Cupid is in the foster's home care, over 30 people have already reached out to Joan to ask about adopting him. She hasn't decided on anyone yet, however.

Joan wants to ensure that Cupid has enough time to get used to his prosthetic legs before moving into his forever home.

It's also important that the family that adopts Cupid is one that will be dedicated to caring for him and his special needs.

Although Cupid is currently having prosthetic legs made for him, because he is still a puppy, he will inevitably need new prosthetic legs as he grows up.

With all of his special needs, Cupid will need attentive parents, extra trips to the vet, and a special diet.

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