By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Loyal Dog Waits Patiently For The Jerks Who Left Him Behind With The Trash.

During financial hardships, families are forced to make difficult decisions. As money gets tighter, everything begins to be divided into the "necessity" or "luxury" list. Eating out, vacations, new clothes are things many families give up. Sometimes, though, things do not improve right away and the list of necessity gets narrower, while luxury and splurging, cease to exist.

Pets are the last victims to feel the financial crisis in a family. Providing them with proper food and adequate health care are things that unfortunately are too high for some folks to afford. Offering family and friends to adopt their pet or calling a rescue shelters are some of the options the canines’ humans seek.

Still, when the available options run out, tough and heartbreaking decisions have to be made. As hard as it is for families to abandon their pets, it does not compare to the confusion, fear, and heartbreak it is for the furry creatures.

A family in Michigan, Detroit, was evicted from their home. They left behind a mattress, a couple dressers, and other junk in the front driveway.

The humans also left behind their pit bull Boo. He wouldn't move from where he was left, waiting for his family.

The family returned to get a few things but never took Boo with them.

A neighbour fed the dog and tried to call animal shelters but they all refused to take him.

Mike Diesel, founder of the Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue was finally contacted.

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