By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

If Your Daughter Has Curly Hair You MUST Watch This Video. Her Future Happiness Depends On It!

Hair can bring joy to some young girls and great emotional pain to others. Dove’s mission to help girls ‘overcome beauty-related anxieties’ is addressing a new topic: curly hair.

The new campaign has an adult speaking to five girls ranging in age from 5 to 11. In the video, the five children, despite their youth, express a deep-seated desire to be different. The girls describe how much they dislike their hair and their wish to change its appearance.

One girl shows the camera how she tries to pull her hair down in the hopes it will straighten. Another admits she ‘just wants to rip’ her hair out. One even goes so far as to say the attempt to let out her hair fills her with sadness. Hearing young children vocalize how they wish they could change is truly heartbreaking.

Dove emphasizes that if women around love and embrace their hair, girls are more likely to love their curls. According to Dove, four out of ten curly-haired young women think their hair is beautiful. Next time you critique yourself, think about your daughter, niece or any little girl who loves and admires you.

Source: doveunitedstates