By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Now You Can Make A LEGO Person That Looks Exactly Like You.

If you loved LEGOs as a kid (or as an adult), you're going to get a kick out of this: Now, you can actually be a part of your LEGO miniature set with a custom mini version of your head, created to fit a LEGO figurine's body.

The product is from a company called Funky3DFaces, and all you need is two photos of your head to get the job done: One from the side, and one from the front. The company converts the two images into one 3D model, and the results are kind of uncanny.

With just two photographs, you can create a tiny, LEGO version of yourself.

The custom heads are slightly creepy, but we think the cool outweighs the creep factor by a long shot.

In LEGO land, you can be anything you want to be.

Created with 3D printers, the custom heads are made of sandstone material.

They're 15mm high, and in addition to being lifelike, they fit perfectly onto the body of any LEGO figurine you like.

At $30 per head, it seems like a decent investment for a LEGO enthusiast.

It could even be fun for the whole family.

Would you be into seeing yourself in LEGO form?

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Source: PetaPixel