By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Famous Landmarks Are Hilariously Transformed By These Cheeky Cutouts.

Rich McCor is giving London’s landmarks a makeover. He is not making any physical changes to the structures in the big city, he is using paper cut-outs to transform them. The 28-year-old sets his paper designs at the forefront like a watch band over Big Ben, a bicycle beside the London Eye, and a ball of yarn in front of Trafalgar Square’s lion: he then photographs the famous locations.

McCor shares his illusions on Instagram as Paperboyo. He also adds interesting facts for each post. He hopes to turn his newfound hobby into a career. He’s on the right path. Recently, he was commissioned to photograph other European landmarks in Copenhagen, Paris, and Amsterdam.

The Brit loves the comments and likes he receives on his social media account but his favorite part is, “when people approach me whilst I'm trying to take these photos…somehow makes me feel less silly about spending my time coming up with ideas and cutting out bits of paper.”

Cirkelbroen, Copenhagen

Big Ben, London

Af Chapman, Stockholm

Arc de Triomphe, Paris

St Paul’s, London

Trafalgar Square, London

Tower Bridge, London

St George’s Wharf, London

Somerset House, London

London Eye, London

The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen

Rådhuset Metro, Stockholm

Southbank Fountains, London

Montmatre, Paris

Maritime Museum, Amsterdam

Sherlock Holmes Statue, London

Next, art created using a knife.

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