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27 Photos Of Cute Animals That’ll Make Your Heart Grow Three Sizes.

A universal topic that usually gets a person to say "awwww" is cute animals. If you're someone who doesn't at all react to a baby rabbit hopping around or an old shelter dog being rescued or a kitten looking up at you with its big round eyes, I'm sorry but you are not human.

There's just something about cute animals us humans can't resist.Take all these cute little critters below for example, there's no way you can go through this entire post without having your heart throb at least once.

#1. This silly rabbit became the new Trix mascot.

And beat out 750,000 other bunnies.

This silly rabbit became the new Trix mascot.

General Mills

#2. A baby sea lion decided to sit down at an upscale restaurant.

#3. Baby polar bear sticks to his mom's bum for a free ride.

#4. "Day 42. I've gained the felines' trust. Nobody suspects I am dog."

#5. Golden retriever pups on the way home from the vet.

They look like they had a good visit.

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