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By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

They’ve Been Married For 37 Years, And They Always Wear Matching Outfits.

It's not necessarily easy to be fashionable in your youth. With that said, dressing in style in your older years is even more difficult. Nonetheless, it's not impossible.

For example, one particular couple from Japan has been coordinating their outfits together in style. They're in their sixties, but don't let that fool you. They've got a keen eye for fashion and you'll wish you'll be as stylish as them when you hit their age.

They post all their outfits on Instagram under the username "bonpon511" (a combination of their names and wedding anniversary date). Check out some of their matching fits below! They've given a new meaning to relationship goals.

Plaid On Plaid

We love how they compliment each other so well. Even though she's wearing a dress while he's wearing a button up and pants.

Navy Blue Flannel

And we love seeing these two keep the same color story all the time. This is what we call consistency.

Dress Casual

Aren't they so cute? They literally look like they belong in a Disney animated film, something like UP.

Black, White and Grey

The three least colorful colors, but that's what makes them so stylish. Combine the colors together successfully, and you'll come out with something like this.

Nautical Themed

It's not easy staying stylish at an old age, but these two pull it off so effortlessly!

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