The World’s CUTEST Insect Looks Like A Masterpiece Of Confectionary.

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Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest bug of all? The Rosy Maple Moth, scientific name Dryocampa rubicunda, of course. If you're a person that typically squirms at the thought of insects, this moth may be the one to inspire a change of heart.

Native to and prominent in the eastern regions of North America, the Rosy Maple Moth is extremely variable in color, with the upper side of its wings ranging from yellow to cream and the margins and bases in shades of pink. In Missouri, you can find albino forms in all white or white with pink markings.

This moth's color palette's might remind you of those checkered pink and yellow squares of Battenberg cakes from the UK, sherbet, or just any brightly colored sweet treat. Speaking of treats, as caterpillars, they feed on leaves such as maple but do not need to eat as adults. They spend most of their lives by themselves.

Here's what a Battenberg cake looks like. It's light, spongy, and absolutely delightful.


And here's a Rosy Maple Moth perched on someone's finger. The resemblance is striking.


Doesn't it also kind of look like a pink and yellow starburst combined?



It even looks, dare I say it, cuddly. There you have it. The Rosy Maple Moth, cuddlebug extraordinaire.


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