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20 (Funny) Father’s Day Gifts For Dads Who Don’t Take Life Too Seriously.

Father's Day is almost here and that means it's time again to think of a clever gift to give him. Going the materialist route can get boring after awhile if your dad doesn't really care for any of those things. So why get him a gift that will collect dust in a closet when you can get him a gift that'll make him laugh?

Sometimes dads reach a point in their life where they pretty much have everything that they want to have. He might even hit you with a "You don't need to get me anything." But how are we supposed to let a day where kids nationally celebrate the greatness of their dads pass by without ourselves showing some token of appreciation?

Well, if your dad has a good sense of humor, we have the perfect gift ideas for you. Just below, we've compiled some of the best gag gifts for various types of dads. If your dad is one who likes to pass gas, one who loves nature, one who likes to drink beer, whatever you can think of -- we got you covered.

#1. How to Traumatize Your Children

Is your parent a troll parent? Do they have any other kids aside from you that are still young? If so, and if you don't mind having your little sister or brother being emotionally damaged, give him this book.

#2. ‘I Make Cute Babies’ Shirt

What beter shirt to give your dad than one that proves you're a good looking son or daughter?

#3. ‘What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions’

If your dad is the type to annoy your mom or other family members with the most random of questions, try gifting him this book that provides serious answers to whole array of random questions.

#4. Flat-D Flatulence Deodorizer

A deodorizer for the dad who can't help but to pass bad gas every time he gets. He'll be reluctant to put this thing on but just tell him it's for the better good.

#5. Black Leather Beer Holster

For the dad who's always multitasking with a beer in his hand, get hi, this holster that'll hold his drink for him while he's grilling or helping with the kids.

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