Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

20 Awesome Dads Who Did Their Duty Amazingly.

The coolest dads are the ones who appreciate that we can’t always control everything that happens in life.

There was no sense in crying over spilled slushee. So instead, this dad decided to help his son clean it up.

Grownups don’t usually have accidents until they’re older, but this dad was willing to risk his reputation.

How many dads do you know who would become incontinent just so that their daughter won’t feel bad?

A dad who has a big heart will show this his compassion isn’t limited to his family, or even people.

He’ll go out and feed the ducks, or in this case, seagulls, because he doesn’t like seeing anyone starve.

Life was like a full circle after this man returned to the library he learned English in 60 years earlier.

The look of pride on this father’s face is golden! He’s probably thinking, “it was all worth the effort.”

Sometimes it’s not our dads who do something to wow us, but someone else’s dad who blows us away.

Most people wouldn’t be this excited about reading a college thesis, but this dad can’t wait to get home.

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