By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

When You Find Out Why This Dad Lies To His Daughter You Will Break Down And Cry.

Sometimes, in order to fully enjoy a commercial, you need to divorce yourself from the idea of what the commercial is trying to sell you. Such is the case with this tearjerker from MetLife.

The ad shows the trials and tribulations one father encounters in order to provide a better life for his daughter. Happy scenes of the two playing together turn into scenes of the father working many different low-paying jobs to make ends meet. All of it transpires to the narration of the daughter, who is writing all of his accomplishments (and all of his troubles) in a letter. The ad ends with a heartwarming message, and you in a puddle of tears.

Now, will this particular advertisement necessarily compel you to buy insurance? Maybe not. However, the video is equal parts dramatic and really, really sweet, and is a good reminder of how many parents go to the ends of the earth for their children. Watch the video below, and don't be afraid to let the tears flow or give your own parent a call at the end.

Source: MetLife Hong Kong