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30 Moving Photographs Of Dads Holding Their Newborn Children For The First Time.

As a mother of two, I can say without a doubt, there was nothing more precious than holding my newborn children in my arms for the first time. These moments brought with them, tidal waves of emotion: joy, fear, excitement and trepidation. In those first minutes for both of my boys, I had a chance to see my husband with his newest family members and he too was overwhelmed with emotion.

Frequently, we see new moms with their beautiful babies but seldom do we see the fathers in these critical first moments. I remember when I first saw my older son’s heartbeat on the ultrasound monitor, when our baby could not have been more than a few weeks old. My husband was mesmerized by the little blip; he said to me, while staring at the screen that he understood his life’s purpose, to protect that little heartbeat with everything he had.

This post is a tribute to new dads and their first moments with the most important person in their lives.





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