By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

The Everyday Frustrations Of Comic Book Figures Was Captured In A Hilarious Series Of Photos.

It’s hard being a villain or a superhero. Imagine having to complete the tasks everyday people do while also saving the world or creating havoc. Based in Ottawa, Canada, Picard loves pop culture. So much so that he uses his collectible figures and statues and puts them in pretty mundane scenarios.

His vision takes the likes of Darth Vader needing to use a urinal or pictures the juvenile actions of Batman and Superman. The photographer shoots the toy in real locations and digitally retouches them later.

Picard’s series does not take the magic away from these larger-than-life characters, it makes them even more endearing.

Darth Vader cannot get a moment of privacy.

Everyone understands you need to clean the snow off your car before driving off to work.

The best beach guard.

You're supposed to be fighting crime Batman!

R2D2 foiled by a speed bump.

Boba and Jango Fett enjoying a serene day fishing.

Battle droids love pop-up books.

The unlikeliest playground pal.

A Crimson Guard trying to get the Cobra Throne back.

A snowtrooper cleaning his driveway.

They are not being mature about this.

Where did you think Batman goes for gas?

Commander Cody has no idea a battle droid is about to mess up all his hard work.

Snow angels from the dark side!

Source: Demilked