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Mother Sent Son Photo Of His Dog Every Day While He Was Away At School.

There's really nothing worse than being separated from the people you love for long periods of time. You begin to miss them so much that it becomes the only thing you can think about. This mother knew that her son, who was away at school, was missing his dog so she decided to do everything she could to make him feel a little better.

You see, this son did everything he needed to do to have is very own dog.

His dad told him that if he walked a leash around the block twice a day for one year he would be able to have a dog.

The boy accepted his challenge and proved to his dad that he was ready for the responsibility.

"My son was quite tenacious and never missed a day. My husband learned never make a deal with someone unless you’re willing to follow through with the terms," said the boy's mother.

The boy finally got his very own dog, but unfortunately, it was time for him to go away for a while.

The son was leaving for school overseas for an entire year, but he was heartbroken that he had to leave his beloved pup.

So his mother did everything she could to make him feel better.

She started sending pictures of the dog to her son every single day.

What a good mom!

She sent him pictures of his dog building a nest out of all her toys.

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