By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

These Makeup Illusions Are So Good You Can’t Tell Reality From Fantasy.

Dain Yoon loves to freak out her Instagram followers. The makeup artist doesn’t apply cosmetics on models to walk down runways; instead, she creates colourful and striking visuals. The Seoul, South Korea guru applies watercolour makeup and paints to help her literally blend into her environment or create optical illusions.

Her 39,000 social media followers often comment on how her creations make them feel lightheaded. Yoon admits drawing out her work also makes her dizzy. When you see her work, it won’t come as a surprise to learn that the 22-year-old is a student at the Korean National University of Arts.

Yoon assures us she does not use Photoshop for her work; it is a result of her hands and talent. Most of her creations are done at home but you may find Yoon blending in with the clouds and blue skies or among a green garden.

Yoon is her own muse most of the time. Here she paints one hand on her face while the other hand blends with her hair and eye.

Yoon began using people as her canvas because of their "multidimensional characteristics." Every painting is painstakingly detailed.

It's hard to tell who was the inspiration; Yoon or the painting on the wall. She called it "a me within me."

Yoon loves to create a sense of confusion with what is real and what is not.

Yoon paints on her hand and face, using an overlapping technique. "It looks like one face at first but it is overlapped in real," says Yoon.

"The interesting point of my artwork is that people can find something new and tricky when they look into my artwork over and over. So this is the reason why I called my art as illusion art," explains Yoon.

Yoon used several shades of green to blend into the tiles of a bathroom wall. Leaving her eyes makeup free just adds to the freaky element.

The makeup artist made herself part of a garden in the Insadong neighbourhood in South Korea.

Depending on how complex each project is, Yoon can spend three to 12 hours to complete.

Yoon says she has loved painting since she was a little girl. She hopes to work with other artists in the future as well as singers.

Source: designdain