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This Couple’s ‘101 Dalmatians’ Engagement Photos Are Too Cute For Words.

Tony Collier and Corinne Jones just had the sweetest engagement photos taken. Jones considers herself the biggest Disney’s 101 Dalmatians fan so she asked her photographer and cousin, Melissa Biggerstaff to recreate a part from the film.

The scene is when Roger takes Pongo for a walk in the park and meets Anita and her pup Perdita. The two get tangled up in the canines’ leashes and end up soaking wet in the water. The only change to the story are the dogs: they are not dalmatians but they played their part perfectly. Ironically, the couple worked at Disney World after college. They met at the University of Illinois.

The original scene from the film 101 Dalmatians.

The original scene from the film 101 Dalmatians.


Tony Collier as Roger and his pup Mookie is Pongo.

Corinne Jones as Anita and Izabelle is Perdita.

Anita and Perdita minding their own business: enjoying a quiet read in the park.

In the original movie, Pongo really wants to find a human partner for Roger.

"My future wife's favorite movie is 101 Dalmatians, and for our engagement photos she asked if we could recreate this one iconic scene (using our respective family dogs of course, Mookie & Izabelle). How could I resist?" -Tony Collier

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