By Eve

LifeBuzz Staff

Watch This Guy Teach Himself To Dance Like A Pro In 2 Years.

If you've ever wanted to learn to dance, play guitar, paint or master any craft but never thought it was possible, then you need to watch this.

YouTuber Neiland dreamed of dancing ever since he was a young child listening to Michael Jackson's music. He finally started his dance journey 2 years ago without any professional instruction.

What you are about to see is Neiland's progression starting from day 2.

Neiland reminds us with his very inspiring video description: "The only impossible Journey is the one you never begin. Look within yourself and start doing what you love. Don't let other people to hinder or stop you. Ask yourself ''what do i really want?'' and start working on it. Another good tip that helped me was asking myself: ''What would i do if money was no object?'' - Don't limit yourself with material world. Just start working on your craft and step one stepping stone at time. Everything will fall into place for you, just do what you love and magic happens!

The idea of the video is to inspire everyone. If you're dreaming about being a successful musician or a businessman, football player, dancer, gamer, blogger, reporter, artist, basketball player etc, then you better be hungry! Forget the word ''but'' and ''can't" - Change them to "Yes I can" and "I will." You can be or do what ever you want. Find the way that suits you the best and start working on it. We are all unique and we all have a true life purpose which you have to find.

With only 2 years you can make a huge change in your life if you step out from your comfort zone and you take radical action.

We create our own reality with our feelings and thoughts. Live the life you always wanted to live! I wish you all Good Luck, much love and Peace along your Journey!"

You can follow Neiland on Facebook and on his YouTube channel.

Source: Neiland