By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

102 Year-Old Watches Herself As A 1930’s Chorus Dancer. Her Reaction Is Delightful.

Alice Barker was very much a woman of her time. During the Harlem Renaissance of the thirties and forties, the enterprising young Barker managed to get jobs dancing at The Apollo, The Cotton Club, and the Zanzibar Club. She was even a background and chorus dancer in movies, for legends like Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra.

Though Barker has been on film dozens of times, she had never seen any footage of herself - until now. Her reaction in the video below is absolutely priceless.

This heartwarming moment came with help from Mark Cantor, of the website Jazz on Film. Cantor tracked down this footage, providing this 102-year-old dancer with the opportunity to see herself in motion for the very first time.

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Source: Tenfresh