By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Had To Do A Photo Shoot For Some Dancers… And He Wanted To Try Something New.

One thing that makes the art of dance so compelling is that dancers have an incredible ability to position, form, and propel their bodies in such amazing ways. No matter what their genre, seeing a talented dancer excel at their craft can be jaw-dropping - how do they do that?

These photos are even more stunning, because the dancers were captured out of their context. Photographer Donata Kukyte explains:

"They are usually placed outside of the studio environment and their

comfort zone. I asked them to dance and improvise in front of the

camera. Every single person is different in movement style and

interprets surroundings in a unique way, depending on their mood, what

they choose to wear, how the body feels that day."

Within the context of a stage or a studio, a flying-leap or feat of flexibility might be seen as routine. However, set against the backdrop of a park, a stairway, a roof, or a city street, these moments are especially jarring and magnificent. See her amazing photos below.

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