By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

A Cute 4 Year-Old Grooves To Sia’s ‘Chandelier’… But When Dad Joined In I Lost It.

When I was little girl I wanted to take ballet classes. My dad took it upon himself to teach me some of the basic steps like first and second position to a plié. Four-year-old Inès also had the luxury of dancing with her father, except they opted out of classical dance for something more contemporary.

Loïc Nottet is a French singer who found success on the Belgium TV show The Voice in 2014. Late last year, Nottet appeared in another reality TV program, winning the trophy in the country’s version of Dancing with the Stars. The father-daughter duo performed one of his routines from the show to Sia’s “Chandelier” song.

However, this time Nottet danced with his toddler while his original performance with partner Denitsa Ikonomova played in the background. Nottet may be the famous person in the household for now but Inès is definitely a star in the making.

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Source: Lio H.