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24 Dangerous Dogs Behind ‘Beware Of Dog’ Sign. You’ve Been Warned!

A lot of people like to raise big dogs so they can protect the household. Often times, you'll see a "Beware of Dog" sign posted on someone's window or fence. These signs are supposed to provoke fear with the idea that some big, bad dog with sharp teeth is in the back waiting to rip someone's face off.

However, sometimes that is not the case! Some of these dogs will do the complete opposite of attaching you: licking you. Instead of killing you with their sharp teeth, they'll kill you with their cuteness.

It's during these times where you question if the owner of the home was just bluffing with that beware sign. Or maybe they really did mean to warn people of their dog's overbearing adorableness.

#1. Beware of dogs alright.

That is, beware of the cuteness overload you're about to get from all these puppies!

Beware of dogs alright.

#2. Yeah, stop trespassing already.

Do you know how tiring hiding bodies is?

Yeah, stop trespassing already.

#3. Not sure if golden retrievers are dogs you're supposed to beware of.

Because they're always so happy to greet you.

#4. Didn't know dogs who stuck out their tongue were dangerous.

They just look so innocent?

#5. This guy means business!

Just look at that death stare.

This guy means business!

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