By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

20 Dangerous Hobbies Your Mom (And Insurance Company) Would Not Approve Of.

Do you consider yourself a risk taker? We're not talking about your average, run-of-the-mill risks, either: We're talking about the kind of dangerous activities that can go very, very wrong. In fact, these are the kind of risks that, if performed incorrectly, could actually get you killed.

So, are you a risk taker, or not?

We don't blame you if the answer is no. These people take living on the edge to a whole new level, and what they've accomplished simply isn't for everyone. Check them out below and ask yourself: Could I be as hardcore as this?

#1. Let's just hope this cage is a tough one.

#2. If you're going to skydive, why not do it in Dubai?

#3. Volcano boarding in Nicaragua, for when the waves just don't do it for you anymore.

#4. Waterfall kayaking looks impressive -- that is, if he made it out alive.

#5. Jumping from space -- because if you're an astronaut, you've got to get it while the getting is good.

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