By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

The 10 Most Dangerous (And Stupidest) Photos Ever Taken.

It takes passion and courage to capture spectacular and captivating photographs. Shutterbugs go to great lengths, often putting themselves in danger, to take at least one photo worthy of admiration.

From climbing an iceberg in Iceland to practicing yoga over a high and rocky cliff, there is nothing these adventurers will not do. Beautiful Destinations has shared some of its Instagram's followers' most incredible shots from around the world. These images may just be the push needed to be a little more daring when seeing the world through a camera's lens.

"Nestled deep in the woods on the eastern German border lies Rakotzbrücke. Its perfectly constructed arch allows the reflection to create a complete circle, mirroring the bridge and its surroundings to create the feel of a new world beneath the surface. Walking in the freezing cold through eerie forests and desolate villages to find this bridge made the whole experience one that will live in my mind forever."— @jacob

This image was taken at Monument Valley in San Juan, Utah. "Even after seeing hundreds of photos of this place, they still couldn't convey the thrill of seeing the sun rise on these giant pillars of rock ... When the sun broke over the horizon, I sat for a moment on the edge of the cliff, feeling small and yet a part of the landscape I was beholding." — @ravivora

"I wanted to capture a unique and exciting perspective of [Las Vegas] and shoot from the perfect angle. Taking all the necessary precautions with my new bride, we managed to access the rooftop from the famed Bellagio hotel and get the shot, adding another outstanding image to our FollowMeTo photo series." — @muradosmann

"Trolltunga is world famous; it’s the Norwegian rock that juts out over the fjords with a death defying drop ... Anyone else fancy balancing on the edge of infinity with only inches of rock between you and the drop?" — @thiagomlcorrea

"This is a photo of my good friend Klemen Premrl climbing the inside of an iceberg in Iceland. Being that it was Iceland, it meant the conditions were constantly changing, but a moment of calm was enough for me to capture this shot of Klemen in action." — @timkemple

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