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23 Of The Most Dangerous Bridges On Earth… #14 Is Downright Terrifying.

If you've ever driven across a perfectly safe, perfectly solid bridge in North America and found yourself breaking out into a cold sweat, you might just be afraid of heights. However, you also might be touched with a little case of gephyrophobia- that is, the irrational fear of bridges. People who suffer from this tend to avoid bridge routes for fear that the bridge will collapse, or that they'll fall off the side.

Keeping that in mind, have a look at these 23 bridges and decide for yourself: Are you gephyrophobic, or are you just a run-of-the-mill scaredy-cat?

#1. Iya Valley Vine Bridges, Japan

Shikoku is the smallest Japanese island, and it is home to three vine bridges. Originally made from two single vines, the bridges have been reinforced - but they're still quite wobbly and slightly terrifying.

#2. Tree bridge - India

This bridge is actually part of a hotel in India, but that doesn't make it look any less harrowing.

#3. Hussaini Hanging Bridge - Pakistan

This tattered bridge hangs over Pakistan's Hunza River. Luckily, it is no longer in use.

#4. Daedunsan Mountain Suspension Bridge – South Korea

Spanning 50 meters above the Daedunsan Provincial Park’s the Mountain Suspension Bridge is at the end of a steep red staircase. The bridge itself is extremely high, and winds make it rock back and forth in a slightly terrifying way.

#5. Plank bridge - Indonesia

If these Indonesian children can cross this bridge on their way to school, so can you. Right?

#6. Trift Suspension Bridge - Switzerland

This is one of the Alps’ longest and highest pedestrian suspension bridges. It connects hikers to an area that was once made inaccessible by glaciers.

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