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‘Game Of Thrones’ Fan Has Her Own Dire Wolf, The Photos Will Make You Jealous.

Anyone who has ever watched Game of Thrones is well acquainted with the Stark dire wolves. If you've watched the entire series to its latest episode, then you've most likely been on an emotional roller coaster with these wolves. The Stark dire wolves are loyal, strong, and quite frankly badass.

Majority of the Game of Thrones audience probably wishes that they could have a dire wolf of their own. Well, there's a pet dire wolf out there that exists... kind of.

Meet Danny the Dire Wolf — he's actually a 10 year old Alaskan Malamute but he can definitely pull off being a (miniature) wolf. Danny and his human love to dress up and cosplay and you betcha they've got some Game of Thrones costumes in that mix.

Is that who I think it is? Yup, Daenerys Targaryen, also known as Khaleesi! She doesn't actually have a dire wolf in the show as she is not a part of house Stark but she sure looks good with one.

Enjoying the #Oregon sun like the weirdo cat dog that I am 😜 #hotelvintageportland #direwolf #dannydirewolf

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As you can see, being a (miniature) dire wolf can be very tiring. Sometimes Danny can't make it to his bed and just plummets on top of whatever ground he is on.

#Sunday #snuggles! 🐺💖🐶 #dannydirewolf #direwolf #vancity #housestark #aryastark #nymeria #fluffy #giantdog

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Cuddle buddies! #dannydirewolf #direwolf #fluffy #kawaii

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Here you can see the clear height difference between Danny and the dire wolves in the show. Danny's legs kind of resemble skinny chicken legs, but it doesn't change how adorable he is.

I'm at #milestones in #whistler 🐺 please pat me #freepats #dannydirewolf #direwolf

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Game of Thrones isn't the only cosplay they do! They do every costume they can with each other including Little Red Riding Hood, Star Wars, and Princess Mononoke.

Heeeerre's Danny! 🐺😜 #dannydirewolf #direwolf #housestark #winteriscoming #fluffy #kawaii #alaskanmalamute

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#Monday #direwolf #dannydirewolf #housestark #winteriscoming #fluffy #Kawaii #alaskanmalamute

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